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Five Toe Socks

Why we recommend Five Toe socks.

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GUTS-MAN socks

Made in Japan socks created together with customers

Launching on Kickstarter!

GUTS-MAN, Your new favorite socks that will
support your hard working and tired feet.

Our Mission

Our promise to you is reduced fatigue, superb comfort, and long-lasting wear.

Sales on this page are currently suspended.

Currently, due to the influence of coronavirus,

sales and shipping on this page are temporarily suspended.

Currently, we are developing GUTS-MAN on Kickstarter, so please check that page.

 Launching on Kickstarter!

Our Brand

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Manufacturing Process

We introduce the manufacturing process of "GUTS MAN" which is durable and durable.

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Stories behind the birth of GUTS-MAN

We will introduce the background and episode of "GUTS MAN".

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Featured Collection

【FR】Super Strong Five Toe Socks
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【NS】Strong Socks
  • $25.00
【RUN】Running Five Toe Socks
  • $28.00
【SPO】Non-slip Five Toe Sports Socks
  • $31.00
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We received the testimonials of "GUTS MAN" which is loved in Japan.

Once I wear Guts-man Socks, I can’t wear the other socks.

Woman in her 20s

I’m still lost when it comes to choosing the best shoe, but GUTS-MAN is the obvious choice for socks.

Male in his 30s

I plan to slowly replace all my current socks with GUTS-MAN.

Male in his 30s

They’re the best!! Can’t live without them!!

Woman in her 30s

I’ve tried many five toe socks before, but I feel “I could finally met this one.”

Woman in her 40s

I’ve worn these for more than half a year, and just now it’s starting to rip at the toes, so I’m getting new ones.

Male in his 20s

They are comfortable, and my feet don’t get tired.And they don’t smell even in the evening.

ale in his 30 s

It’s really good in terms of cost performance.

Woman in her 20s

I work at a factory and use the socks all day. For how thick they are, they’re very comfortable and breathable.

Male in his 50s

 They feel good because the toes expand nicely, and they fit perfectly.

Male in his 40s

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