Our Mission

Making socks that don’t wear out is actually pretty easy.Because all you need to do is focus on strength.If that was our goal, GUTS-MAN could easily make the strongest socks that never wear out.

But if strength is your top priority, you can’t create the most comfortable socks to wear.

There’s a trade-off between strength and comfort.When you pursue one, you sacrifice the other.
It’s this balance between strength and comfort that we’re most passionate about.

That’s why GUTS-MAN will wear out in the end.

Recently, 735 people took part in our latest challenge.
The complaint ratio—the number of customers who said our socks didn’t exceed their expectations

*The above statistics are from the results of a participant survey taken during one of Japan’s largest crowdfunding projects.

The more you wear GUTS-MAN, the better they’ll fit.
Our promise to you is reduced fatigue, superb comfort, and long-lasting wear.
And that’s why GUTS-MAN continues to be loved by so many people in Japan.

A partner that’s uniquely yours and with you every step of the way—that’s GUTS-MAN.



Everyone at GUTS-MAN is working hard to further reduce this numerator through product development and increase this denominator by promoting sales.

If you’re ready to jump feet first into a richer life, GUTS-MAN will be there to support you with socks that deliver a difference you can feel in each moment and all day long.

Functionality of socks

Reinforced toes

Reinforced toes

We thoroughly investigated the common problem of sock toes tearing—an issue with five toe socks—and reinforced each toe with nylon yarn.

Long-established standards for five toe socks

The stretch of each toe and the number of fabric stitches has been adjusted to allow for comfortable use by people with toes of varying lengths.

Optimal compression

Arch support

Elastic yarn is used in each course of the arch portion of the sock. Wearer fatigue is reduced through optimal support across the arch portion of the foot, which easily tires.

Optimal compression

Through joint development with a research institution, we have achieved a tapered sock shape that provides optimal compression for wearers’ comfort. Experience the reduced fatigue for yourself.

Functionality in pursuit of comfort

Tuck stitching

The tuck stitch, a special technique that improves breathability and durability, is used in certain areas, with the added bonus of improved cushioning.

1.3x deeper heels

The heel portion of these socks is 1.3 times deeper than conventional socks, providing a perfect three-dimensional fit.

Longer fit for boots

Elastic cuffs provide a snug fit around the calf that prevents these socks from slipping down.

Stories behind the birth of GUTS-MAN

It started with a phone call from a member of the Self-Defense
It started with an unexpected phone call. In 2004, a member of Japan’s Self-Defense Force asked us, “Can you make a pair of socks that can withstand the Self-Defense Force’s three-day-long training in which we walk continuously for 100 kilometers?” In response to this request, we sent the caller our best lineup of five toe socks that already had over 15 years of production history. All failed the test. None of our socks could satisfy their requirements.
Our president’s resolve upon witnessing the Self-Defense Force’s unimaginably hard training
They wear out, they slide down, and the wearer’s feet grow tired—our socks met none of their needs. Hearing this, under our president’s instructions we traveled to the Self-Defense Force training site to check out their situation and survey sock users there. We encountered conditions that were tougher than we could have imagined. There was no way we could claim that our products met the needs of their environment. Our president made up his mind: “We must make completely new five toe socks. This will be a long-term battle.”
Research into five toe socks that don’t compromise between strength and comfort
Even as the top seller of five toe socks, we struggled to meet their demands on our own. Strength and comfort are ideas that run in direct opposition to each other. We had to find the middle ground. Working through repeated trial and error with university professors and sock experts, we sought uncompromising durability and optimum compression.
GUTS-MAN is born
A while after we sent off our latest version of the socks, we received a letter from the Self-Defense Force member who made the first phone call: “Thanks to your efforts, I’ve been promoted to the Ranger unit.” “Clothing, boots, equipment—all are significant and important, but we realized that socks make the biggest difference.” Having received these words, our president said he felt that all our efforts were rewarded.
Evolving and deepening the GUTS-MAN brand
It started with an unexpected phone call. After our initial success, Self-Defense Force members’ expectations rose further. They needed:
  • Strong five toe socks for 40 km training exercises that prioritize comfort
  • Five toe socks with increased grip for martial arts training
  • A GUTS-MAN spinoff brand of strong everyday socks
  • Five toe socks with cold protection for climbing snowy mountains
  • Running socks and sports socks for casual use
As you can see, we are constantly increasing our product lineup in response to user feedback. We promise continuous development—expect no less of the GUTS-MAN brand.