Launching on Kickstarter!

Launching on Kickstarter!

GUTS-MAN | Japanese Toe Socks made to Withstand Anything.



 From the providers of the socks that members of the Japanese Self-Defence Force uses on exercises and marches, this amazing pair of socks are extra durable, resistant to wear and tear, while also being odour resistant, sweat-absorbing, and quick drying.


 Using a special toed design it is also made to help prevent sweat collecting in between the toes, allowing your toes to feel a little bit fresher.



 The durable tack knitting is one of the secrets behind the durability of the socks, allowing them to withstand 100km long distance training as well as being tested as being 6x the strength of ordinary business socks during an abrasion test.



 The GUTS-MAN brand toe socks are designed with particular attention to toe length.
Not only the Egyptian type of foot with the long big toe, which is common among Japanese people, but also the Greek type of foot, which has a long long/pointer toe, which is common among foreigners, and the Polynesian type, which has the same length for all toes, can be fitted more comfortably.



 Another key point of these socks is the help it gives when concerning fatigue. Thanks to the compression from the socks, the calves aren't tired as easily.

 The makers at TATSUMI TEXTILE hopes to bring a whole new style of sock to the West and to show off the benefits of toe socks that are extremely tough.



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