GUTS-MAN in Paris, France

We received some photos from Maison Wa, the boutique in Paris, France.

We’re currently unable to sell our products online, but the other day we received photos from Maison Wa, the boutique in Paris, France, showing how GUTS-MAN products are being sold there.


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Maison Wa is a boutique that only sells products that are recognized for their Made-in-Japan quality, and GUTS-MAN has been on their shelves for around four years now.

 When they were first sold, five toe socks were still not well known, prompting some customers to even ask whether they were gloves. However, customers were able to try them on at the store and were impressed by the comfort. As a result, sales have continued to increase every year.

By now, there are many repeat customers, who have purchased a lot of our products.

The following lineup of products is available at the store.

・【RUNRunning Five Toe Socks

・【SPONon-slip Five Toe Sports Socks

・【FSVStrong Five Toe Socks V

・【FRSuper Strong Five Toe Socks

Silk Five Toe Socks

Not only GUTS-MAN, but also our silk five toe socks are selling very well, so if you're in the area, be sure to check out the store.

It's a wonderful place where you can find many Made-in-Japan products!

How about using them as a Christmas present?


Maizon wa

 8 bis rue villedo

75001 Paris FRANCE

 +33 (0)1 40 26 66 70


 Have a nice Christmas and New Year holidays!